Venus Typewriting Institute

Approved by Directorate of Technical Education, Govt.of Tamil nadu


Computer Course : Government Certificate, COA - Computer on Office Automation Course, Certificate Issued by Government of Tamil Nadu


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Indeed basics are the typical things that are needed to be learnt for doing a mammoth task in ease and fast.  Modern world expects an employee who has the proficiency to work on a computer with ease and faster. An employee is hauled back by other employees, who have done typewriting courses. Being old, it still continues to be an essential aspect in the field of computer.  


Typewriting exams are conducted by Directorate of Technical Education, Government of Tamil Nadu, once in six months. The grades of certification are Pre-Junior, Junior, Senior and High-speed.  Students, who have completed sixth standard in their school level, can appear for pre-junior exam.  For appearing in Junior, students must have completed eighth standard. Students, who complete junior exam, can of course, type words ranging from 30 to 35 per minute and it is 45 words per minute for Senior.